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We represent Japanese freight forwarders to support your shipments from/to Japan, pelase send your request to 

ABX Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.

Achiha Co., Ltd.
AGL Corporation

Aichi Kaiun Co., Ltd.
Air Sea Express Ltd.

AIT Corporation
Ajinomoto Logistics Co., Ltd.

All Fort Co., Inc.
All Japan Express Co., Ltd.


Alps Logistics Corp.

Amano Kaisoten, Ltd.

Aoki Trans Corporation

A.O.T. Japan Ltd.

Apex International Inc.

Arabian Freight Services Co., Ltd.

Asano Shipping Co., Ltd.
Autohub Company Limited

Azuma Shipping Co., Ltd.

Company Name

Bardahl International Ltd.

Bay Logistics Corporation
Bay Trail Japan Co., Ltd.

Best International Corporation

Best Shipping Inc.

Best Trans & Trading Hybrid Co., Ltd.

BIDC . Japan Co., Ltd.

Bingo Express Co., Ltd.
Blue Express, Inc.
Blue Sea Network Co.,Ltd

Bridgestone Logistics Co., Ltd.
Company Name
Carview Agent Corporation
Centrowide Japan Co., Ltd.

CEVA Logistics Japan, Inc.

Chemical Logitec Co., Ltd.

Chikko Corporation

Chuetsu Transport Co., Ltd.

Chuo Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Chuubu Daiichi Yusou Co., Ltd.

Clearfreight Japan Co., Ltd.

Combined Logistics Japan Co., Ltd.

Coral Shipping Co., Ltd.

Cosco Logistics Japan Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Daiei Shipping Co., Ltd.

Daiichi Transportation and Terminal Co., Ltd.

Daio Kaiun, Ltd.

Daito Co., Ltd.

Daito Corporation

Daiun Co., Ltd.

Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd.
DNP Logistics Co., Ltd.
Deugro (Japan) Co., Ltd.

DGX Japan Limited

DHL Global Forwarding Japan K.K.
DJ Logistics Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Eastern Car Liner, Ltd.

Eastrise Transport Co., Ltd.

Econet Co., Ltd.
Eishou Freight Shipping Co., Ltd.

Enika Tsusho Co., Ltd.

Exnet Corporation
Expeditors Japan KK
Company Name
Famous Pacific Shipping Co., Ltd.

FC Standard Logistics Co., Ltd.


Flying Fish Service Inc.

Freight Expert, Inc.

Freight Links Japan Ltd.
Fuji Koun Kaisha, Ltd.

Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd.

Fuji Logix Co., Ltd.
Fuji Oriental Van Line Co., Ltd.

Fuji Technotrans, Inc.

Fuji Un-yu Co., Ltd.
Fuji Unyu Kaisya, Ltd.

Fujitrans Corporation

Fukuei Souko Co., Ltd.

Fukuoka Soko Co., Ltd.

Fukuyama Global Solutions Inc.

Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd.

Furukawa Logistics Corp.
Fushiki Kairiku Unso Co., Ltd.

FWT Logistics Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Gaia Shipping Co., Ltd.

GENEQ Corporation
Giyu Kaiun Co., Ltd.
Global Logistics Corporation

Gokoh Unyu Kaisha, Ltd.

Goto Kaisoten, Ltd.

Goyo Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Goyo Koun Co., Ltd.
GWG Logistics Inc.
Green Cargo Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Hakko Unyu Co., Ltd.
Hamanas Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd.

Hanshin-Logitec Co., Ltd.

Harvest World Express
Hatsumura Daiichi Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Hayakawa Marine And Trans., Corporation

Hayakawa Sealand Transportation Corporation
Higashi Nihon Koun Co., Ltd.

Higashi Nihon Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Kenki Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.

Hodogaya Logistics Co., Ltd.
Hokkai Transportation Co., Ltd.

Honda Logistics Inc.
Horiuchi Shoji Co., Ltd.
HTNS Japan Co., Ltd.

Hyoki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Company Name
Ichimiya Logistics Co., Ltd.
Interflow Japan Limited

International Express Co., Ltd.

International Pride Co., Ltd.

Irifune Dynamic Shipping Co., Ltd.

Isewan Terminal Service Co., Ltd.

Ishikawa-gumi., Ltd.

I. S. Japan Co., Ltd.


ITOS Corporation

i-trans Co., Ltd.

ITS Corporation

ITT (Japan) Limited

Company Name
Jagro Trans Co., Ltd.

Jam International Co., Ltd.

James Trans Co., Ltd.

Japan Trans System Inc.
Japan-China Shipping Co., Ltd.

Japan Express Co., Ltd. (Kobe)
Japan Express Co., Ltd. (Yokohama)
Japan Express Transportation Co., Ltd.

Japan Logistics Corporation

Japan Ocean Transmarine Co., Ltd.

Japan Post Co., Ltd.

JPT Logistics Co., Ltd.
Japan Post Sankyu Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Japan Transcity Corporation

Japan Trust Co., Ltd.

Japan Van Lines Co., Ltd.

JAS Forwarding (Japan) Co., Ltd.

JFE Logistics Corporation

JFO-Maimex Co., Ltd.
J?M?P Inc.

JRF International, Inc.

Company Name
Kambara Logistics Co., Ltd.
Kamigumi Co., Ltd.

Kanematsu Logistics & Insurance Ltd.

Kanko Kisen Co., Ltd.

Kanroji. Corp.
Kanto Logistics Corp.

Kato Transport Co., Ltd.

Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Kawanoe Harbour Transport Co., Ltd.
The Keihin Co., Ltd.

Keihin Maritime Co., Ltd.

Keihin Naigai Forwarding Co., Ltd.

Keihin Transport Co., Ltd.

Keinara Corporation
Keiyo Disribution Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Keiyo Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd
Kinki Transport & Terminal Co., Ltd.

Kinki Tsukan Co., Ltd.

Kintetsu World Express, Inc.
Kissho Transportation Warehouse Company Ltd.

K.K.D.S.A Agencies Nagoya

K.KSDV Japan
K.K. STS Logistics Japan

"K" Line Logistics, Ltd.

K-Logistics Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Logistics, Ltd.

Kokusai Butsuryu Co., Ltd.

Kokusai Express Co., Ltd.

Komatsu Logistics Corp.

Konapon Corporation

Konica Minolta Logistics Co., Ltd.

Konoike Transport Co., Ltd.

Koori Logitech Co., Ltd.

Korea Express Japan Co., Ltd.
Korenori Unyu Soko Co., Ltd.

KSA International Inc.

K's International Co., Ltd.

Kubota Logistics Corporation

Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.

Kunitsu Corporation
Kuribayashi & Co., Ltd.

Kuribayashi Logistics System Co., Ltd.

Kyodo Freighters Corporation

Kyodo Unyu Co., Ltd.

Kyusyu Nisshin Corporation
Kyowa Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Leafprosper Co., Ltd.

Light Express Corporation
Logi All, Ltd.

Logico Co., Ltd.
Logistics Mates Corp.

Logitem International Corp.

Company Name
Mabuchi Corporation

Maersk Logistics Japan K.K.

Maguchi World Trans Co.,Ltd.

Makoto Overseas Services Co., Ltd.

Mantatsu Travel Transportation Co., Ltd.
Marine Star Corporation

Marine Concord Corporation

Marine Express Corporation
Marine Service Co., Ltd.
Marubeni Logistics Corporation

Maruichi Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Marukyo Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Maruma Unyu Co., Ltd.

Marutatsu Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Maruwn Corporation

Maruyama Shipping Corporation
Maruzen Showa Unyu Co., Ltd.

MAT Inc.

Matsubishi Unyu Co., Ltd.

Mazda Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Meiko Trans Co., Ltd.

Meisei Corporation
Meitetsu World Transport

MIK Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Logistics Corporation

Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Logistics Corporation
Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
Mitsuboshi Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Mitsui Soko Co., Ltd.
Mitsui-soko Logistics Co.,Ltd

MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.

MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.
Morohoshi Freightage Co., Ltd.
Mt.Fuiji Global Logistics Co. Ltd.
Multitrans, Ltd.

Murayama Shoten & Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Nagai Co., Ltd.

Naigai Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Naigai Nitto Co., Ltd.

Naigai Trans Line Ltd.

Nagoya Shipping Agency, Ltd.
Namitsu Co., Ltd.

Nakamura Air Express Co., Ltd.

Nankai Express Co., Ltd.
Nankai Shoji Co., Ltd.

Nankai Tsu-un Corporation

Narasaki Stax Co., Ltd.

NBS Logisol Co.,Ltd
NEC Logistics, Ltd.

Neptune Enterprises Ltd.

NET International Corp.

New Trading Bridge Co., Ltd.

NHK Transport Co., Ltd.
Nichirin Co., Ltd.
Nichiyo Co., Ltd.
Nidec Logistics Corporation
Nihon Hoso Unyu Co., Ltd.

Nihon Kokusai Yuso Co., Ltd.

Nippon Concept Corporation

Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

Nippon Konpo Unyu Soko Co., Ltd.

Nippon Marine Logistics, Ltd.

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Logistics CO.,LTD.

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Logistics Yawata Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Transport Corporation

Nippon Umpansha, Ltd.

Nishi - Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
Nishiyoshi Butsuryu Corporation

Nissei Corporation

Nisshin Trans Consolidator Co., Ltd.

Nisshin Transportation Co., Ltd.

Nissho Transportation Co., Ltd.

Nissin Corporation

Nissin Unyu Kohgyo Co., Ltd.

Niyac Corporation
Nohhi Logistics Co., Ltd.

Nissui Logistics Corporation
NRS Corporation

Company Name
Oasis Shipping Co., Ltd.
Ocean Links Ltd.

Oji Logistics Co., Ltd.

Okamoto Logistics Co., Ltd.
Omori Kaisoten, Ltd.

Orient Maritime Corporation

Otsuka Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Pacific Link International Ltd.
Panasonic Logistics Co., Ltd.

Partner Express Co., Ltd.

Pegasus Cargo Service Co., Ltd.

Pegasus Global Express Co., Ltd.

Planet Freight, Inc.
Company Name
Ricoh Logistics System Co., Ltd.

Rinko Corporation

Company Name
Sagami Transportation & Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Sakai Moving Service Co., Ltd.
San Ei Shipping Co., Ltd.

Sanko Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Sankyo Corporation

Sankyu Inc.

Sankyu Shipping Inc.

Sannou Freight Shipping Co., Ltd.

Sano Unyu Co., Ltd.

Sanritsu Corporation

Sanstar Line Co., Ltd.

Sanwa Forwarding Business Co., Ltd.

SBS Global Network Co.,Ltd.
SBS Logicom Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Maritime Co., Ltd.

Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.

Seibu Transportation Co., Ltd.
Seino Logix Co., Ltd.

Seiwa Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Seiyo Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sekino Transport Co., Ltd.

Senko Co., Ltd.

Senko Trans Co., Ltd.
Senwa Maritime Agency, Ltd.

SGH Global Japan Co.,Ltd.
The Shibusawa Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Shin-ei Gumi Co., Ltd.

Shinkai Transport Systems, Ltd.
Shinki International Co., Ltd.

Shinko Corp.
Shinozaki Transport & Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Shinyo Kaiun Corporation

Shiogamako Unso Co., Ltd.

Shipco Transport (Japan) Ltd.

SKU Corporation

SMJ Co., Ltd.
Sojitz Logistics Corporation
Sony Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

S. T. Co., Ltd
Star Express, Co., Ltd.

STS Incorporated

STS Irifune Co., Ltd.
STX Global Logix Co., Ltd

Sugimura Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Suiyo Shoji Co., Ltd.

Sumisho Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Metal Logistics Service Co., Ltd.

The Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Sumiwa Koun Co., Ltd.

Sun Ocean Corporation

Suncolor Shipping Co., Ltd.

Sunglow Corporation

Suzue Corporation

Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.

Company Name
T&L Co., Ltd.
Taiun Company Ltd.

Taiheiyo Shipping Co., Ltd.
Takakura Corporation

Takase Corporation

Tandem Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd
Tatsumi Shokai Co., Ltd.

Tau Corporation

Technotrans Corporation

Teensky Japan Corporation

Tereshia Ltd.

TGL Japan Co., Ltd.

Three Ways Ltd.
TK Line Inc.

Tobu Transport Corporation
Topy Marine Transport, Limited
Tokai Kyowa Co., Ltd.

Tokai Logistics Corporation

Tokan Logitech Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Aircargo Co., Ltd.

Tokyo International Terminal Inc.

Tokyo Sanyu Shipping Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Trade & Transportation Co., Ltd.
Tomakomai Hokuso Koun Kaisha, Ltd.

Tomijima Unyu Co., Ltd.

Tonami Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Toppan Logistics Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Logistics Corporation
Tosoh Logistics Corporation

Total Transport Services Ltd.

Toyo Logistics Co., Ltd.

Toyo Trans Incorporation
Toyo Wharf & Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Tradia Corporation

Trancom. Co., Ltd.
Trans Atlantic (Japan) Ltd.

Transcontainer Limited

Transportations Co., Ltd.

Trans-Taiheiyo Corp.

Transtech Co., Ltd.

Tri-Net (Japan) Inc.

Tsukiboshi Logistics Co., Ltd.

Tsurumaru Shipping Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Ube Shipping & Logistics, Ltd.

UCI Airfreight Japan, Inc.

Ueda Transport Co., Ltd.
U-Freight Japan Co., Ltd.

Uni-X Corporation

Uno Shipping Corporation

UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Japan), Co., Ltd.

UTI (Japan) K.K.

UTOC Corporation

Company Name
Vanguard Logistics Services (Japan) Limited

Vmark Metal Co., Ltd.
Company Name
Western Shipping Japan Ltd.

Wing Corporation
Weiss-Rohlig Japan Co.,Ltd.
WORLDing Co., Ltd.
World Shipping Corporation

Company Name
Yabuki Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Yamadai Shipping Co., Ltd.

Yamatane Corporation

Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd.

Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd.
Yaskawa Logistec Corporation

The Yasuda Warehouse Co., Ltd.

Yokohama Shosen Unyu Co., Ltd.

Y's Logi Supoort Co., Ltd
Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd.
Yusen Koun Co., Ltd.

Yuu Yuu World Co., Ltd.

Yuwa Shipping Co., Ltd.

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