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Newly enacted Japan Advance Filing Rules (

Newly enacted Japan Advance Filing Rules ("AFR") will be implemented by March 2014. Japan Customs will enforce carriers or non-vessel operating common carriers to electronically submit information on Japan-bound cargoes no later than 24 hours before vessels depart from the port of loading.

If your company has free hands to Japan under HBL, your company must submit the cargo details through the appointed suppiler website of install a software in your computer.

We also can help you to get a user ID with our appointed Japanese forwarding company, and you must consign your free hands to the appointed forwarder in Japan. You just need register related information through appointed official register websites SANKYU, we will send you the link and procedures after your confirmation of the cooperation.

Your company don't need to be NVOCC for HBL to Japan same as usual and but filling AFR is must.

AFR only apply for SEA shipments by FCL and LCL, break bulk and air cargo no need AFR.

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